ICYMI – Book 1

In Retrospect

I thank readers who has read any part of my novel as well as the poems and lyrics as the novel continued.

The Prospects

My first draft ended with the last part of Book 1: I Introduce to You, and I have decided to continue to Book 2: Performance at 8.  The start of the new one is coming next week.  Yay! I promise readers more excitement and lyrics.

Here are some changes to the format (in part to keep my sanity) I am plotting:

  • Principal characters will be assigned a color
    • There will be a legend for all those characters
  • A short saying or metaphor at the beginning of most of the novel posts
  • Posting the whole part in the post instead of just a teaser that leads to the page itself on the link
  • Social media – EACh is on Google+

What else do you want to see from my novel?

ICYMI – Book 1: I Introduce to You

I have been told that Book 1 has a slow start and “nothing really happens until Chapter 10.”  So read the quick summary below and move on.

  1. Infamous” – JZ has been looking for Elle and sees her at a cafe.  She does not want him.
  2. Chase” – JZ found Elle again and got her to agree to go on a date with him.
  3. Sick” – JZ and Elle went on the date and she got sick.
  4. Flash” – Elle became very popular among the paparazzi and they were waiting for her.
  5. Job” – JZ’s people tracked Elle down, kidnapped her (with help), then released her.  JZ wanted to hire Elle for a song-writing job, Elle laid out her demands, JZ accepted, and she starts on Monday.
  6. Restart“: Monday – Elle’s 1st day at JZ’s studio and she met a lot of people there.  She was assigned to read the poem that made JZ scour the country for her.  He got her to go to lunch with him, and some romantic things happened.
  7. Statements“: Tuesday – Elle’s 2nd day of work, JZ got her to go to lunch with him again.  He confronted her about what happened yesterday.  She ran away crying and another deal was made.
  8. Know-Not“: Wednesday – Elle did not come to work and JZ tried to work on her demands.  CeeCee and New Guy went to clothing stores all over the city to find the perfect dress for Elle to invite her to a girl’s night out.
  9. Search“: Thursday – Elle returned to work.  CeeCee and New Guy went to clothing stores again to try and find the perfect dress again.  JZ tries to follow the new deal.
  10. Cage“: Friday – Elle was met with a new order by JZ, she tried to get out of it, was unsuccessful, and was hospitalized.  JZ found some interesting info. from Elle and what she thought about him and his music, as well as One Word’s work with him.  Elle had another encounter with the paparazzi.
  11. Hand“: Saturday – A new deal is made, this time Elle, JZ, and One Word are talking about the agreement together.  It is JZ’s birthday and he introduced her to his parents.
  12. Pressure“: Sunday – Rough morning with a very late start, eventful afternoon, exhausted evening, late night.

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I began writing Elle's Adventure in China (EACh) in June 2014 as a fun summer project, but as obstacles kept interfering with my plans, I forked and forked more options. I took writing this novel much more seriously in mid-July, and want to have it officially published someday in my lifetime. As many artists put their hearts into their projects, so do I. I did not start out liking to read, but a professor suggested a book for me for homework a few years ago, and it was an amazing book. Since then, I read for pleasure, and I hope my novel, Elle's Adventure in China, does the same for as many of you as possible. The same thing goes to writing. I did not like to write until I took a course where the professor and papers made me love to write. I hope every one of you find what makes you happy and dedicated to work. In May 2015, I started my other blog, Read and Write Here (R&WH), as a place to post other things that aren't China- and Chinese culture-related and not EACh. I share some of my memories and experiences from student teaching, irregular participation in Daily Prompts, etc. I'd like to have regular people and bloggers to write book reviews and post it on R&WH someday. Keep reading and writing!

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