If You Must Know

Hi everyone,

I know I’ve said “Hi everyone” before when I started this blog back in November 2014, and “Hi everyone” has a level of comfort and casualness…to me, anyway.  I’m here in WP because I was writing a novel last year until it was stolen by a hacker in late October.  I had over 1000 pages in that short time and at most, I was typing around 30 pages/day (I was really in the zone when I wrote.  What can I say? My heart and brain were faster than my fingers).  I was writing late into the night, tired, satisfied with what I had written so far, turned off my computer, and the next morning, it was gone.  Moral of the story: Don’t leave your WiFi on when you’re working late at night.  More about this (and ways to protect yourself) can be found on my “About” page with some comments from my first dip in the Community Pool.

I’m a logical person, so I figured that if someone were to make money off my novel, they would find out that it’s on the internet already…for free! I also try my best to not put myself out on the internet; before the hack was for self-protection, after the hack was for privacy.  Because I desire to maintain self-protection and privacy over the web, this is all you will get about who I am.

Leanne Lieu

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I manage two blogs - Elle's Adventure in China (EACh) and Read and Write Here (R&WH). EACh currently has China-related content from reputable news sources. R&WH is to express my creativity through writing, art, jewelry, and to inform others.

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