Dear EACh-Yi

Dear EACh-Yi,

I know you get it – EACh 一 = EACh one, or my dedicated and hooked hacker who miss a day reading EACh.  I want to let you know that I am not happy that you hacked my computer and my primary e-mail account, but I was happy that someone was reading EACh.  If you have already logged into my WP account, you know how much work there is for a novice (at the time), and how few people are reading it.  I am being real about it like my finances. The real thing has not happened yet, so I do not know the feeling and I cannot seem to imagine how it would feel at the moment.  I had imagined a detailed and heartfelt letter, but this is all I have.  I will do this assignment another time when it does happen. Thanks for reading,

Leanne Lieu

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I manage two blogs - Elle's Adventure in China (EACh) and Read and Write Here (R&WH). EACh currently has China-related content from reputable news sources. R&WH is to express my creativity through writing, art, jewelry, and to inform others.

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