_ark an_ Clear (Black & Clear)

Without permission to use the fourth letter of the alphabet.

Through Blogging 101, 6/23/15’s assignment is to partake in a blogging event.  After scrolling, I chose this.  I recall Ritu partook in something like this a couple months back.  I thought, “this looks fun but challenging, but I am intelligent so I will triumph.”  

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Small step by small step, I am finally in my room.  I angrily grope my wall for the light switch, but it is unnecessary … now.  The THUMPING echo against my ears on the carpet, I hear a basketball quietly bouncing to the hall.  I weep in the black, striking my floor then my foot.

I feel the warm 11am sunlight on my arm, with growling hunger emanating from my skin, I crawl to the pane leaving larger spaces between the wet ones on the carpet.  I smack my face against the pane, my pores sucking up the heat like a youngster sucking root beer through a crazy straw.  My fingertips stuck to it like strong magnets.

Gravity pulls my fingers onto the sill.  Something fell to the floor that-a-way.  I feel terrible about my neglect, letting nature keep it company.  I crawl on the floor again to search for that rectangular piece of hot plastic with a spaghetti trail.  Cool, small, smooth rectangle, nope.  Cool, small, smooth rectangle, nope.  Cool, small, smooth rectangle, nope.  I will never ask for another Lego set ever again.

A-HA! I turn it upright, put my earphones in, the sunshine for my ears began.  I lie flat like a sunbathing starfish.  After a song, I was on the floor for another mission: Chloe in my closet.  Five minutes later, it was like the authorities were in my room to get proof to charge me with a felony.


Chloe is under my rotting rags in the corner.  Another crawling journey with plenty of obstacles without my expectation.  As I get near, nausea instantly hit me, pushing up my throat.  There is not enough fragrant bubbly-wubblies on the Earth to get the funk out of these clothes.  My nose suspects this pile of victim has been here for a year.

Unearthing the grave, Chloe is in the corner.  I gently took her out of her, I think, black case.  My fingertips caress the steel – these cool, long strings.  My palm slaps her timber tramp stamp.  I kneel to embrace her against my frail physique, hoping that she forgives me.  I play her without her boy-toy, Beau, plucking away to feel the vibrations, strong at first then weak as she recovers.  She takes another breath, then another, then another, letting everyone hear her exclamation.

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I manage two blogs - Elle's Adventure in China (EACh) and Read and Write Here (R&WH). EACh currently has China-related content from reputable news sources. R&WH is to express my creativity through writing, art, jewelry, and to inform others.

6 thoughts on “_ark an_ Clear (Black & Clear)”

  1. Hi. Your story is full of imagery and open for many interpretations. The graphics give context to the prompt and break up the text nicely. Thanks for the read.


    1. Thank you! Good writing takes practice but avoiding the letter D is new to me (had to revise 3 times because I later found 3 words with the letter D). Do I get bonus points for not using any word in my intro with the said letter and I didn’t use “blind”? Here are the words I wanted to use so badly but I couldn’t: and, drop, side, and words in the past tense.


      1. Leaving out “and” and the past tense is the hardest part, isn’t it? That killed me in mine, and I didn’t even try to go on very long, unlike yours.


      2. I aimed to make mines a masterpiece. I’m sure you have the potential to write something long without “and” and words in the past tense if you had more time 🙂


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