Sorry Noah

My second entry in Missing Letter Mondays is a (second) apology (thanks yellow and orange browser to take the time to crash a third time, these ghostly movements in my typing, in addition to having “insert” activated on my phone), because I am experiencing guilt and cannot sleep at 1am.

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Dear Noah,

I am very sorry that I recounted an event that made you look bad and embarrassed with everyone there, especially the boss. Because I believe in giving credit where credit is due, I neglected to remember who my audience was. I intended to make you look good, however the opposite resulted, and I am very sorry.

In my opinion, it was a huge step that you used a bad word with a customer present, then substituted it with an appropriate one immediately, since you say bad words all the time (seriously readers, he does). Because I know your normal speech has an abundant amount of bad words, I understand the bad word just came out – normally. One alternative was to leave the scene without a substitute, which is worse in my opinion. Think back when you were in school and didn’t pass a class you didn’t need in order to graduate. You take it again and pass it because the people looking at your transcript will recognize that you didn’t give up, knew you could do better, and saw you prove it. Despite what happened, I am still proud that you did that.

I understand that I lost your trust because I recounted this event, so these are the things that I will do to earn back.your trust (I hope that it’s prior to me returning to school):

– I will only talk to get more info., get assistance, and to answer appropriate and relevant questions

– I will not engage in laughter, joy, and excitement at work

Again, I’m very sorry Noah.

Leanne Lieu

P.S. Smart guys are sexy.

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I began writing Elle's Adventure in China (EACh) in June 2014 as a fun summer project, but as obstacles kept interfering with my plans, I forked and forked more options. I took writing this novel much more seriously in mid-July, and want to have it officially published someday in my lifetime. As many artists put their hearts into their projects, so do I. I did not start out liking to read, but a professor suggested a book for me for homework a few years ago, and it was an amazing book. Since then, I read for pleasure, and I hope my novel, Elle's Adventure in China, does the same for as many of you as possible. The same thing goes to writing. I did not like to write until I took a course where the professor and papers made me love to write. I hope every one of you find what makes you happy and dedicated to work. In May 2015, I started my other blog, Read and Write Here (R&WH), as a place to post other things that aren't China- and Chinese culture-related and not EACh. I share some of my memories and experiences from student teaching, irregular participation in Daily Prompts, etc. I'd like to have regular people and bloggers to write book reviews and post it on R&WH someday. Keep reading and writing!

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