Chapter 2: Overdrive (5/8)

Tuesday (5/8)

Form your own conclusion.

With CeeCee and The Guys in Elle’s hospital room and JZ left out, all he could do was look in.

“Should I watch you guys as close as that hospital staff?” One Word rhetorically asked JZ with a hint of frustration.  “I thought you were an adult who could conduct yourself appropriately.”

“Let me take you off speaker phone first,” JZ said and tapped his phone, watching his angel lying nearly lifeless on the hospital bed.  “You’re off speaker phone.”

“Imagine how your parents would react when they see or hear of this.”

“I can’t think of them right now.  All I can think of is my angel and how much I want to be with her.”

“There’s no talking to you,” One Word frustratingly said and hung up the phone.

“What can I do?” JZ solemnly asked himself.


“Have you guys been watching her on the internet?” CeeCee asked.

“Of course we’ve been watching.  Like the doctor said, ‘it’s like watching an addictive soap opera,’” replied Big.  “He’s good for a little while, he makes her mad, they fight, they make up, and the cycle continues.”

“Did you guys see her bruises?” she asked.

“No, there wasn’t an angle that we could see them in, especially since she rolls down her sleeves and buttons them, and a lot of the cameras were taken down,” said Bigger.  “This one looks really bad,” he said, referring to the one visible on her arm between her elbow and wrist.

“Shall we take a look? I’m curious of what he was capable of in the heat of the moment,” she said.

“We might need permission from him, but I think he will feel worse if we see them,” answered Bigger.

“Well, if you really feel that he should continue pursuing her, he should be reminded of what he did.  She’s physically smaller and weaker than him and he does this to her.  I label him abusive.  I count myself lucky that I didn’t continue seeing him,” said CeeCee, lying that it was actually him that chose dump her.

“She may be physically smaller than him but she is not weaker than him.  In the hair clip scene, the hair clip did not break but his fingers were injured.  This one can fight back; she just has more control of herself than he does,” said Bigger.

“Wait, if you guys were watching her so closely, did you know she was dehydrated and she wasn’t eating?”

They looked at each other.  “Her not eating and drinking anything wasn’t our priority,” Big said, but both their heads were down.  “However, we did see that she was a super problem-solver like JZ said,” trying to change the subject.  “She had an answer for everything.  Tying his chopstick fingers to the curtain and putting them under the mattress were clever so he doesn’t poke himself in the eyes when he slept.”

“And the towel!” added Bigger.

“Yup, the toilet scene became an instant classic!” supported Big.

Bigger sighed.  “Too bad those were her only two pairs of chopsticks.  I also can’t believe she broke her silver chopsticks.”  He paused. “Why do you guys suppose she would break them to bind his fingers? She had a spoon, though, her only spoon.”

“Which she used to feed him breakfast,” reminded Big.

“Hey, hey, hey, the real question is: why is she still with him? You guys described that he was a horrible guy and yet she takes care of him like he was her son.  If that were me, I’d break the rest of his fingers and toss him out,” interrupted CeeCee.

“Maybe she likes the mean, disruptive, jealous guy,” suggested Big.

Bigger looked at Elle’s relaxed face with a feeding tube in her mouth and said, “I can’t figure out why she would choose him.  Her actions show that she doesn’t want his money…maybe she does like the controlling, jealous guy.  She never looked happy the entire time he was there.  She had a blank face-”

“Like a ghost face,” supported Big, “most of the time.  At other times, she was either really mad or really frustrated with him.”

“If she likes all that control, why did the doctor say that she had been stressed like she’s overly stressed?” asked CeeCee.

“She’s probably stressed from having to deal with being watched and heard so closely.  She removed a bunch when she came home on Sunday evening.  She and her landlord were also taking them down since 7am yesterday,” said Bigger.

“From what he told me, she was supposed to have dinner with him and his parents on Sunday evening.  He came home after a long afternoon and his face had a bruise and his shirt was ripped, and he said she did them.”

“Why did she hit him and why did she rip his shirt?” The Guys asked simultaneously, on the edge of their toes.

“I didn’t ask him why, but he asked for my opinion if my boyfriend had said ‘I’ll let you know if she’s expecting my child,’ to a friend.”

“Was he serious?” They asked again, trying to keep their voices down.

“Yeah, the hypothetical was obviously him-”

“Of course it’s about him.  Only he would say something like that,” said The Guys.  “What happened after that?”

“He was obviously super sad at what had happened.  I tried to let him know gently that girls fall in love with guys really quick, but if she already knows him and isn’t feeling him, he’s not the one.  Yet having a child is permanent change in girls’ lives, as you both know.”

The Guys looked at each other like they had the same light-bulb moment.

“What?” CeeCee asked.  “I want to know.”

“That’s probably why her face was red.  She was red with fury,” said Big, and Bigger nodded in agreement, like he hit the mark.

“Do you guys think he pressured her into having a baby with him?” asked CeeCee.  “If he did, then she was obviously under stress to have a child with someone she dislikes,” answering her own question.  “Do you guys think they’re having a child without even being married? Maybe she’s already pregnant with his child and she’s starving it because she doesn’t want it.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, when and where would she get pregnant without us knowing about it? Plus, they’ve only spent time together for about a week and a half,” Bigger questioning.

CeeCee slowly placed her hand closer and closer to Elle’s stomach, then all three of them jumped from a thundering BANG! They turned to face the door and saw JZ shaking his head with a mad face that said, “Touch her and die.”  He held up his phone to his ear, and CeeCee jumped from her phone ringing.

“Hey, what’s up?” she answered nervously and not looking at him.

“What were you guys talking about that you would need to touch her?” JZ said in a voice so serious it could have been someone else.

“Ummmmm, I wanted to feel if she was full,” she responded nervously.  “The sooner she’s full, the sooner you can take her back to your place and dote on her.”

“I don’t believe you,” he said slowly and darkly.  “Tell me the truth.”

“I-I-I am telling you the truth,” she said nervously.

“Was your earlier face lying then? You were not very concerned about something that shocked you?”

She froze.

“Answer me.”

All four of them were surprised to see Elle’s eyes slowly open.  She looked to her right, then to her left.  She began to sit up on her own.  The Guys were a little fearful that JZ would do something bad to them if they helped her up.  She took off the plastic thing clasping her finger that recorded her heart rate.  Beep beep beep beep, went the machine it was connected to.  The young doctor and a nurse ran toward Elle’s room.  The doctor saw that JZ was blocking the door and said, “Excuse me,” and nudged him aside.

“Oh, you’re awake,” said the young doctor with a dashing smile.

Elle’s face lit up and she nodded her head shyly.

“Do you know what your name is?”

Elle nodded shyly again.

“Do you know what day it is?”

Elle glanced at him shyly and held up two fingers.

“Do you feel any pain anywhere?”

She looked at CeeCee, and CeeCee translated.

Elle hovered her hands over both of her arms.  Then she hovered a hand over the middle of her chest.

“Is English your primary language?” asked the young doctor in English with a French accent.

Elle nodded her head shyly.

He looked at the bag that was feeding her, and paused it.  “I’m going to take the feeding tube out so you can speak to me, alright?”

Elle nodded her head, and the young doctor took out her feeding tube.  She coughed a few times.

“How are you feeling?” asked the young doctor.

“I feel like my body isn’t mines,” she said in her normal voice, but was still very shy.

He was surprised and asked, “Can you be more specific?”

“I’ve done a lot of physical labor in my day, but I’ve never been so damaged,” she answered in her calm voice, but was still shy.  “Um doctor,” Elle began in Mandarin, “do you think he can come in?”

“I think his presence endangers your life, and that’s why he’s out there.  Do you still want him in here?” responded the young doctor in a serious tone in English.

“Yes,” she answered in Mandarin.  “He makes me mad all the time, so I want to make him mad just this one time,” she said calmly with a shy smile on her face.  “But please proceed as for any other patient and to continue to talk to me in English,” she said in English.

“Nurse, can you bring Mr. JZ in?” requested the young doctor.  The nurse let him in.  He sped to his angel, held her hand in his, and held back the desire to bring the back of her hand to his lips.  She was surprised to see him without a shirt on, and took her blanket and neatly wrapped it around him.  He took it off and laid it back on her.  She took her blanket again, knelt on the bed, and tied two corners over his shoulder and the other two corners around his waist, then let gravity do its job.  He held her hand again.

“Nurse, I don’t think I’ll need you for this patient,” said the young doctor.  The nurse left the room.

“Now, I didn’t expect you to be awake so soon,” said the young doctor.

CeeCee knew her job and quietly translated in Mandarin to JZ, but kept her distance.

In the most feminine tone Elle had she said, “I heard a loud bang and I was conscious.  I didn’t think it was important until I heard a female voice sounding like she was in danger, so I opened my eyes and saw her.  I thought she was in danger but thank goodness she wasn’t.”

“Earlier, you said your arms hurt,” the young doctor began, and imitated what Elle had done, “Do you remember how you got hurt?”

“Yes.  He,” she tilted her head at JZ, “angrily grabbed my arms and lifted me up from outside my residence into my residence,” she said effeminately and took a peek at the young, handsome doctor.

“Good, your memory seems to be intact.  He asked me about this when I spoke to him, and I have determined that these injuries are also factors that caused your heart to show that you are being stressed for a prolonged period of time.  As I’m sure you’re aware of, you’re not supposed to be so stressed.  You were also not eating and not drinking enough water; all of which your doctor instructed you to do the last time you were in here,” the young doctor emphasized.

“I’ve been very busy, doctor,” she continued in her feminine tone.

“Earlier you said your chest hurts,” he imitated Elle again, “Do you know how that was injured?”

“No.  I recovered from the last CPR he gave me,” tilting her head again to JZ, “so I assume this is from another CPR,” with a hand over her injury.

“Let me examine your injury and then you can ask me any questions about it.”

Elle was giving him a look that said, “I didn’t expect this to be a part of the deal,” when JZ heard CeeCee translate what the doctor said.  JZ pounded his hands on the other side of the bed shielding Elle.  With his mad face and dark tone he said, “She’s mine.  I’ll examine her.”

The young doctor’s hands were in front of him like he was trying to clear up a misunderstanding.  “You’re not a doctor, you don’t know what you’re looking for,” he responded lightly.

She heard his dark tone and did not feel safe.  “I think he has had enough,” she said in English in her normal voice.  “If nothing is fractured or broken, I’ll be fine.  The bruising will go away on its own,” she said in her normal voice.

“I really meant what I said.  I want to examine you again, like I would check the vitals of any of my other patients, but your vitals are fine and this is the last bit of the exam before I can release you from the hospital.  You can ask me any questions you have after you’ve seen it.”

“Is my injury as serious or more serious than a bone fracture? If not, I’ll be fine.  Why don’t you give me the answers to the questions I may have.”

“You just want to check two things.  That’s not going to happen,” JZ accused with an angry tone.

“I’ve already seen every bit of her.  If you really want me to release her, fine.  If her injury gets worse, you know where I work,” he simply said, signed the release forms on Elle’s medical chart, and went to the door where there was a bunch of hospital staff members huddling at the door.  They hastily dispersed and the young doctor left.

“CeeCee, why don’t you tell them to get out so I can get dressed? Tell JZ to go pay the hospital bill so we can return to his studio,” said Elle as she removed the wires that were connected to her.


“Why did you guys take One Word’s car?” asked JZ, as they approached the car in the parking garage with Elle quietly in his arms.

“There were too many people in our way, so we got Hero to drive your car around to distract them, so we can get here,” answered CeeCee.

JZ placed Elle in the backseat, with him and CeeCee on either side her.  “You should’ve driven like her.  She drove into the parking garage like nobody was blocking her way,” he said smiling.


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