Dog Festival

This dog festival or dog meat festival is bad because PEOPLE BUY AND EAT DOGS! This is in Yulin and Jay Chou spoke against this a year or two ago, and I’m sure other celebrities have voiced their distaste for this holiday.  Check out this short video from an NY Times Contributor.

Activists spend a lot of money to buy these dogs to save them, and because Chinese are bargainer, sellers want to make as much money as possible by selling their merchandise to people who see beyond their merchandise.

This is one reason why foreigners think Chinese people are weird and barbaric; because they eat this cute and loyal animal … along with monkey brain and shark fin soup (pork blood is ok – the pig dies either way so use everything).  The monkey brain and shark fin soup are happening less and less because Chinese know more and becoming less of an economic class issue.  The only way I can defend people eating these things are for survival.

It’s obvious I detest such a holiday.  Anyone who participate(s/d) in want to weigh in?


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