The Orcs

I’m dressing up to participate in Chow Kim Wan’s On That Song! I would discuss a song following the rules from the link above.

The Orcs

Familiarize yourself with it first:

Super-star Jay Chou in Seoul
Super-star Jay Chou in Seoul!

As you can see, the musical portion was written by Jay Chou (super famous composer, singer, song-writer (I know I’m being redundant; that’s how special he is!), actor, and new father (congratulations!).

Vincent Fang's Signature!
Vincent Fang’s Signature!

The lyrics are written by his close friend and business partner, Vincent Fang (super famous lyricist for working with Jay Chou and film director of Rhythm of the Rain).


  • It sounds really, really good! (even for non-Mandarin speakers)
  • Chou was hired to write this for Blizzard (I assume).  If you clicked on the link to the lyrics, the title is “The Orcs (Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos)”
  • Lyrics are excellent
    • If you play Warcraft, you know which parts of the lyrics are relevant to the game
      • Time (“I take delight in the early morning that wakes the blood forest” and “The abnormal ice cold wind”)
      • Story-mode (“Any invasion becomes a possibility”)
      • Spell-casters (“I use the ancient incantation to repeat”)
      • Certain places (“The abnormal ice cold wind”)
      • Raider says, “Charge!” (“The sounds from the hoofs of a horse”)
      • Until you win (“We proceed south to start to open up the earth again”)
    • The repeat does not apply to the game, however, if you humanize them and transport/teleport the situation into general warfare, that is what one sees, experiences, and wishes to end
      • Starts with “Let us / The Orcs” and ends at “I use the humble identity / Towards the far anciently existing god”

The reason why I chose this song is because of how it originated (not Chou’s commission): Chou got his inspiration for this tune after using the toilet.  He can get an inspiration from using the toilet; what kind of inspiration do you get from using the toilet?


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