Fashion at the Met

I’m still trying to bring more “fun stuff/news” to you and try to find “normal people” when I have more time, as many of you also want articles on regular people.

If you haven’t heard what the latest exhibition at the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York), it’s on Chinese-inspired fashion, though not limited to fashion; they also featured some films.  I’m not just bringing this article to you because of the theme; it’s also because the largest portion of international visitors for this exhibition happens to be Chinese (from China) who wants to see what Western views of them look like.  I’m glad to read that all that old, stereotyped exoticism of China is not in this exhibition.  There are an unexpected amount of positive results from visitors so please read the article.  If you have been to this event (and others) I encourage you to share with the rest of us about your experience with the Met and this event.

I copied and pasted this article/review from the NY Times.  Visit the source for more images.

Exhibition on China and Fashion Proves Golden for Met


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