Several Hurt in Paper Mill

I wanted to copy this article from the Associated Press published yesterday but read that they do not allow copy and pasting of their articles, so I’ll summarize here.  

In Anxiang county of Hunan Province, a worker was cleaning the pool (with chemicals) where all the pulp paper went when he fell in, because he could not handle the noxious gas.  His coworkers then rushed to fish him out, but they, too, were unable to handle this gas.  Seven died and two were injured.  The government has not released what type of toxic gas was involved.

The article also mentioned the Tianjin and Zibo explosions (Tianjin being one of the worst in recent years) and some updated/different info., such as 147 were killed in the Tianjin incident.

In a separate incident, 15 tons of sulfuric acid spilled in Zhezhang from a crashed tanker truck.


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