Chapter 3: Uncover (6/9)

It’s a tiny bit cheesy.

Wednesday (6/9)

Try talking it out with mad girls first.

“Mike come with me,” JZ said angrily.  “We’re going to talk to her.”

“No he’s not,” firmly said Xiao Xing.  “You’ve put us in enough danger.  Get someone else to translate for you and the demon.  We’re going home.”

JZ sighed heavily out of frustration and sent a text.

Bzz bzz, bzz bzz, “Who wants to translate for us? I’ll protect you,” CeeCee and Hero read on their phones.

They both laughed and did rock, paper, scissors.  “You go,” said CeeCee.  “Good luck.”

“I’m drunker than you,” Hero said laughing.

“No you’re not,” replied CeeCee with a big laugh.

“Alright,” she said.  “I’m going,” Hero texted JZ.  “Xiao Li already told us about the elevator.”

A few minutes later, Hero reached the 37th floor and JZ was waiting for her.  “Why aren’t you having The Guys protect me?” she asked as they walked down the stairs to the 36th floor.

“Because the fewer people who get involved the better,” he answered seriously.  “Translate everything.”

JZ turned the handle on for the 36th floor, slowly pushed it opened, and peeked through.  Not seeing Elle in his narrow view, he opened the door wider and they both saw the long and heavy dining table and chairs above the couch, the coffee table on its side, and the big bed in the hallway on its side with the headboard broken off and thrown against the wall.  Hero loudly whispered, “Wow,” as she saw everything in the hallway.  They slowly approached the door, and JZ knocked on it.

“Who wants to die?” shouted an angry masculine voice on the other side.

JZ wants to die,” he answered firmly.

“Good.  Come in.”

He turned the doorknob, and was surprised it was unlocked.  With an arm above his head, he slowly opened the door.  He saw Elle standing in between the kitchen counter and where the couch was, her face out for blood, her fingers itching to attack.  “How do you want to die?” asked the masculine voice, ready to implement any technique.

“I want to know a few things before you do what you will with me,” he answered with his hands up, showing her that he was not carrying any weapons.

Hero gripped the door frame, showing only her head, and translated.

“What do you want to know?” she said darkly, awaiting a feast.

“I want to know why you’re so mad at me,” he said seriously.

Elle laughed a dark and deep laugh.  “Is he serious?”

“He is,” Hero answered.

“Tell him to be more specific.”

Hero translated.

“Why are you mad at me this evening?”

Elle laughed another hearty laugh.  “Because he LIED to me!” she shouted like it was the most ridiculous question.  “Something that only required him to say something like, ‘I have a surprise for you,’ but he chose not to and instead, LIED TO ME! Ain’t nobody gonna lie to me more than once and won’t eventually taste my wrath.”

Hero translated.

“Ready to die?” Elle asked.

“I know I lied to you about the shower and bedroom.  Those things are so trivial.  When were the other times I’ve lied to you?”

Hero translated.

“In my other place, when you first wanted me to work for you as your lyricist, you agreed that you would not look at me like you wanted to take me to your bed, and you kept doing it at work! YOU LIED THEN!”

Hero translated.

“It was the only way I could get you to work for me again.  Also! Also, I eventually fixed that.”

“You can’t undo a lie by fixing it! A LIE IS A LIE! I haven’t lied to you, and you think it’s ok to lie to me and that’s why you keep doing it!”

Hero translated.

“You lied to me, too.  On Monday night, you said you were ‘doing math problems.’  How were you doing math problems?”

Hero translated.

“We were estimating how many of those things we took down, HOUR-BY-HOUR! I estimated the total would be around 200 and he estimated it to be around 250! I was trying to protect you from all the cameras that were filming, which was why I talked to you in the hallway and I kept my voice down, so the listening devices WOULDN’T HEAR US!”

Hero translated.

“Are there any other times that I’ve lied to you?”

Hero translated.

“On your birthday, you didn’t have paper towels.  Same day, I don’t look fat after trying those clothes on and they DON’T fit! Even if I wasn’t fat before I tried them on, THEY made me look fat.  I know what I look like, so don’t lie to me! After the filming of me smashing all the cameras, you told the tech guys to make me look skinnier.  I’ve been filmed and photographed in the subway, on the street, and my previous place of residence.  You don’t think the public knows what I REALLY LOOK LIKE? If you really are someone who defends and protects me, why would you lie to me and why would you make ME, my own statement, A LIE?”

Hero translated.

“The paper towel thing was trivial! For the clothes, what was I supposed to say? Was I supposed to tell you what you wanted to hear so you can slaughter me? Like any girl who has their boyfriend say they look fat wouldn’t get slaughtered? But I’ve been honest every time after that.  For the video, I wanted to make you look your best.  I didn’t know you felt so strongly about what you look like.”

Hero translated.

“You think the paper towel incident was trivial but A LIE IS A LIE! I HATE people who LIE TO ME! For the clothes, you don’t take me shopping in the first place! I told you I didn’t want to go but you kept on insisting that I GO!  Don’t you think I know that I won’t fit those clothes because I’d have to be stick-thin to fit? You’ve taken your ex-girlfriends shopping before, you should be able to estimate that I wouldn’t be able to fit any of the clothes in any store in CHINA! For the video, what have I done or said that would make you think I was anything BUT natural? I was trying to portray myself as an already strong woman, not someone who needed to be altered to be STRONG!”

Hero translated.

“Baby, I didn’t know you felt that way,” JZ said, his voice softened, understanding his angel’s perspective.

Hero translated.

“YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE! Whatever you have asked me, I’ve ALWAYS told you the truth!” she shouted.  “All you had to do was ask,” she said lowering her voice drastically.

Hero translated.

He began walking closer and she pushed him away with one hand.  He kept his hands up and walked toward her again, and she pushed him back again.  He tried again and wrapped his arms tightly around her before she could push him again.  “I’m really sorry, baby.  The only way you can really hurt me is by not loving me back.”

She squirmed but he would not loosen his grip.  She stomped on his foot, and nothing.  She stomped on it again, he wrinkled his face, but he still would not let go.  She stomped on his other foot and he still did not loosen his grip.  She kneed him between the legs, and he immediately released her and fell in pain.  She took several deep breaths then yelled, “YOU’RE TRYING TO KILL ME FIRST?” and raised her fist ready to beat him.


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I began writing Elle's Adventure in China (EACh) in June 2014 as a fun summer project, but as obstacles kept interfering with my plans, I forked and forked more options. I took writing this novel much more seriously in mid-July, and want to have it officially published someday in my lifetime. As many artists put their hearts into their projects, so do I. I did not start out liking to read, but a professor suggested a book for me for homework a few years ago, and it was an amazing book. Since then, I read for pleasure, and I hope my novel, Elle's Adventure in China, does the same for as many of you as possible. The same thing goes to writing. I did not like to write until I took a course where the professor and papers made me love to write. I hope every one of you find what makes you happy and dedicated to work. In May 2015, I started my other blog, Read and Write Here (R&WH), as a place to post other things that aren't China- and Chinese culture-related and not EACh. I share some of my memories and experiences from student teaching, irregular participation in Daily Prompts, etc. I'd like to have regular people and bloggers to write book reviews and post it on R&WH someday. Keep reading and writing!

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