Explosion Destroys Buildings with People Inside, Yulin, China

From BBC.  Visit the source for a video and map.

China Yulin: Deadly explosion shatters buildings

24 October 2016

Widespread destruction and streets lined with rubble in Yulin.
Widespread destruction and streets lined with rubble in Yulin.

A powerful explosion has shattered buildings in the Chinese city of Yulin, killing seven people and trapping others under debris.

There are reports of a large crater where a two-storey building once stood, and images show widespread damage, with rubble in the streets.

The blast happened around 14:00 local time (06:00 GMT), near a hospital.

Local reports suggest the unlicensed storage of explosives at a building might be to blame.

It appears the hospital was damaged in the explosion, which also injured at least 94 people.

State-run news agency Xinhua reports that more than 70 firefighters were sent to the area, where several people were trapped, and rescue attempts are under way.



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