Chapter 4: Clarity (1/10)

Thursday (1/10)

Experience and carelessness speak volumes.

Jing was serving a table when he saw JZ carrying what looked like Elle in his arms, but she was not wearing what he had seen her in before.

JZ entered the cafeteria and all 11 people stared at the oddity.  He chose a table furthest from the others and placed her on a chair.  He remembered that she said she could get an infection from a dirty seat, so he picked her back up, spread the cloth napkin over the seat, and placed her back down.

“Morning Mr. JZ.  Please excuse my unprofessionalism, but I don’t think she is sleeping.”

“She’s not.  She’s just resting her eyes,” he said, not paying much attention to the waiter.  “We both had a tough morning.  You see the sweat on my forehead? It’s because of her uncooperativeness,” he said bitterly.

“I don’t think she’s resting her eyes either, Mr. JZ.”

“How do you figure?” taking a bit more interest.

“Because her skin is a little gray.  I don’t think she’s breathing,” he said with a slight concerned in his voice.

JZ placed his finger under her nostrils and was shocked that she was not breathing.  He held her shoulders tightly and turned her to the side, and loosened the string on her corset as fast as he could.  When he reached the top, he heard a loud gasp and saw her arched back inflate.  He loosened the string more to allow her to take a deep breath.

Jing took off his vest and shielded Elle’s front and turned his head toward the others and shook his head.

“How are you, baby?” JZ asked her with great concern.  “I didn’t mean to tie it so tight.  Forgive my inexperience.”

She did not respond.  Her limp neck made her head rest against the chair.

JZ noticed the waiter in an odd position.  “Why are you standing like that?”

“Because she is indecent, Mr. JZ.”

JZ leaned her shoulder back and was reminded of what he happily saw earlier that morning.  He clumsily tried to redo it, but realized this was a two-hand job, so he reached for the key in his pocket and separated himself from her.  He redid the corset a few more times, and was content with his last attempt, where the corset didn’t expose more of her while not squeezing the life out of her.

Once JZ sat in his seat, Jing put his vest back on and asked in his normally professional voice, “What can I get you this morning, Mr. JZ?”

“A pot of black tea and two bowls of vegetarian porridge,” he absentmindedly said, staring at Elle to see if she was turning gray again.

“Coming right up, Mr. JZ,” and Jing took the menu with him.

All JZ was allowed to see was her expressionless face.

JZ’s phone suddenly rang.  He picked it up and saw that he had a picture message from One Word.  He opened it and saw a picture of him and her in the cafeteria.  She was clearly handcuffed, wearing a slutty outfit, and her whole demeanor said, I’m being held against my will.  The message read, ‘We need to have a serious conversation when you’re done with your mid-morning snack.’”  He glared at the people from the angle of the picture was taken.  He sent a text message to those people that read, “You’re fired.  Get out immediately.”


After their mid-morning snack, JZ carried Elle in his arms to One Word’s workroom.  He entered the open workroom without invitation or notice and placed her on his couch.  One Word closed the door, and they went to the furthest corner of the room and tried to speak quietly.

“What the hell are you doing to her?” One Word controlling his yell.

“Be more specific,” JZ said, like this was a waste of his time.

“Why is she dressed like she should be working in a brothel?”

“I dressed her in something I liked.”

“Why is she cuffed?”

“So she doesn’t get away.”

“Do you think it’s right to dress her like that and cuff her?”

“In this situation, yes.  I really don’t see a problem.”

“Do you clearly see her demeanor?”

JZ looked back and said, “Yeah,” like he was answering a stupid question.

“What does her body language tell you?”

He looked again and said, “Like she doesn’t want to be here, so I’m going to take her somewhere else.”

“Not yet,” One Word said in firm tone but kept his voice low.  He walked over to Elle and gently asked her, “Tell me what’s going on.”   He thought she was unresponsive until he noticed her thumbs were moving like she wanted to type something.

“I forgot something!” JZ said, genuinely remembering what he had forgotten.  He flipped his shirt inside-out, and placed it on the seat next to Elle, then placed her on it.”

One Word wrinkled his face out of confusion, and asked as he took out his phone, “What are you doing?”

“I don’t want her to get sick,” he simply replied.

“How is she going to get sick?” One Word asked with greater confusion on his face.

“If I tell you, you’re going to get more upset with me.”

“I’m going to find out anyway, so tell me now.”

“She explained that girls can get sick if their ‘down there parts’ are touching something dirty, I assume anything filled with bacteria and such, that could make her sick.”

One Word’s face wrinkled even more.  “Eeeeewww! You’re telling me that her ‘down there parts’ were touching my couch?” he said like “Say it isn’t so!” and borderline “What the hell?!”

JZ nodded his head and used his arms to block his face.

“Man, you know I love that couch! My wife got it for me when we started this business! It took years of sitting, and pondering, and sleeping to get it to be that comfortable! You owe me a more comfortable couch.  Take this and burn it or something.  Why is she not wearing you-know-what?”

“Because I don’t think she needs to.”

“You know that she could get sick from there, you still think she doesn’t need to wear it?”

“She could sit on my shirt.  I did flip it inside-out.”

“If she’s not wearing it, when you carry her here and there, everyone can see her ‘down there parts.’  Isn’t that enough incentive for you to put one on her?”

“She’ll be spending the day with me.  I’ll show her that I’m the best guy she’ll ever have.”

“I assume you think you have a head start.”  One Word tapped his phone to get the translation ready to use, and placed his phone in her hands.  Without her face changing, she bent her neck down enough for her to see while she was typing.

One Word waited for Elle to finish, but it looked like she had a lot to say, so he took the opportunity to pull JZ back to the far side.  “How would your parents react knowing their precious son does this to girls?”

“Do what to girls?”

“Don’t act stupid.”

“Stop bringing my parents into conversations.”

“I bring them in because you’re only thinking of yourself.  The next obvious people you think of are your parents.  Don’t you think they’re going to have a heart attack when they find out you dress girls like this, or date girls like this, or restrain girls like this? I’m a father and I never want my daughter to be dressed like that.  I would disown her if I saw her like that.  What do you have to say for yourself?”

“She was mean and uncooperative.”

“You’re seriously taking this out on her because she wouldn’t do what you wanted her to do? What if she’s too tired to sleep with you? Will you rape her?”

JZ got very angry.  “You and her are so alike! Last night she accused me of possibly raping her! I’m not that kind of guy! I would never rape a girl! Especially not her! I love her! Why would I rape her?!”

“I know you’re not that kind of guy but does she know that you’re not that kind of guy? Do you blame her for accusing such a thing? You handcuffed her hands and feet so she can’t defend herself and can’t run from any attacker.  If you leave her on the street like that, a pimp or madam will pick her up and think, ‘this is my lucky day.  This one doesn’t even put up a fight and I don’t need to trick her.’  Any guy looking for a toy could pick her up and go.”

“That wouldn’t happen because she’ll be with me,” he said seriously, and looked back to see if she was still there.  “I will protect her.  I will fight for her.  She said it herself, she doesn’t want to fight anymore.  I can and will fight for her and defend her.”

One Word sighed and said, “You’re changing the course of this conversation,” then looked back and saw Elle’s thumbs stopped moving.  They walked over there and he was extremely shocked at what he read.

“Yesterday, I left work tired but happy because he said he would cook dinner for me.  We talked for a bit and I discovered he was lying to me about something else.  It’s small to him but to me, a lie is a lie.  I explained this to him last night in my state of rage (like turning Super Saiyan but for defense).  I also told him of the other times he had lied to me, making me very upset.  If my tracks are still visible, you can see them on the 36th floor and on the street side of the apartment where he wants me in.  He almost killed me by squeezing my body so tight that I could not breathe.  From my perspective, he wanted to kill me before I could kill him, so I was ready to do it.  Soon after, four females – CeeCee, Hero, the receptionist, and one in her 40s – rushed in.  They sat on me.  Once again, I could not breathe.  I don’t know how long I was unconscious for.  After I regained consciousness, I wanted to leave peacefully but he would not let me.  Three young guys tried to stop me, so I entered my state of rage again and defended myself.  Then, New Guy made a peace offering to let me leave, so I left.  I went down the stairs too fast, tripped, and twisted, sprained, or dislocated my right ankle.  He and The Guys took me back to his suite and tried to fix my ankle.  I said some things that made him angry and he hit me.  I was unconscious again.  This morning, I found myself tied to his bed.  I cannot stand on both my feet.  If I need to go somewhere, he will untie me but will handcuff me instead.  He has a 3rd pair of handcuffs to primarily cuff me to him.  I was not allowed to use the toilet without him.  I was forced to be in the shower with him.  He forcefully restrained my hands and arms to see me naked.  He molested me.  He had me in pornography.  If I had not showed fear, I can confidently say he would have raped me.  My health is at risk since he will not even put panties on me when he wrapped a prostitute’s outfit around me.  He almost killed me again because he tied the corset too tight.  I have made it as clear as possible by typing on his phone that I no longer want to pursue a romantic relationship with him, but he will not accept that and continue to put my health at risk.  He continually stresses me to my breaking point.  Both hospital doctors advised me not to be stressed, but he ignores that or treats it as a suggestion.  I see this as a game for him, to test how much I can really take before I have a mental breakdown.  I am a respectable young lady but I am dressed like a prostitute and restrained like a criminal.  Because of him, I will never be respectable again.”

One Word showed JZ what Elle typed and asked, “Is that what really happened?”

JZ was shocked and got very defensive.  “The way she’s describing ‘squeezing’ is misinterpreted.  I was hugging her.  I didn’t forcefully restrain her hands and arms to see her naked.  I needed to use both my hands to rinse the shampoo off me, and I couldn’t help but look at the surprises that were in front of me.  I didn’t molest her.  That was foreplay.  I didn’t have her in any pornography.  I don’t even know how she got to that.  There aren’t any cameras in my bedroom.  I would never rape her.  I love her.  How many times do I have to say it? I didn’t intend to kill her.  I wasn’t careful enough, that’s all.  I don’t think she looks like a prostitute.  I think she looks super sexy.  Don’t you think? I wouldn’t treat her health as a game. I take her health very seriously.  I cuff her because she’s really strong.  When she’s in her state of rage, she’s stronger than me.  I want answers to how she got to those lies.”  JZ typed his questions and put the phone in her hands.

She read it without her expression changing and began typing.  They were both watching her type.

“I can’t wait any longer,” JZ said, and sat on the couch very close to Elle to read the translation.

“Don’t sit on that side.  Sit on the other side,” said One Word.  JZ moved to the other side where and pressed his bare chest against her chestnut and white arm.

“JZ’s ‘hug’ was so tight, I could not breathe.  JZ would not have me in the shower with him if he did not want to see me naked.  JZ took advantage of my desire to cover myself.  Once JZ saw any part of me that he was not allowed to, I was tainted.  How could a person like me – who was raised not to look at a naked man, and to not have a man look at me naked unless we are both married to each other – have a naked man take all of the control I had, see me like that, and not be tainted?”

“Hey! Hey!” enthusiastically said three guys around JZ’s age, each dressed in basketball jerseys, shorts, and sneakers.  “Whoa! You got a ho and didn’t share?” said the tall one wearing a red armband.

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