Chapter 4: Clarity (9/10)

Thursday (9/10)


“I overheard the girls and JZ talking and he’s no longer single,” Shen gloomily shared with Big and Bigger in the security room, tears building in his eyes.

Big and Bigger looked at each other.

“There’ll be more girls out there waiting for you to get them,” said Big, trying to comfort him.

“No there won’t.  None of them are like her,” Shen said with defeat.  “I can’t even begin to describe how special she is.  She’s so special that I don’t even deserve to say her name.  She’s like a goddess…married to a mortal, who is actually immortal.  His music is so legendary, future generations will look back at his breakthroughs and genius music abilities.”

There was a silence.

“All I can think of to describe her is that she’s both one thing and its opposite.  Have you met anyone who is both one thing and its opposite? You would think she’s in the middle but she’s not.  She’s on one side and I’m on one side, separated by a Milky Way that is him.”

“Zhi Nu and Niu Lang have annual visits,” said Big.

“Not when you put them in my situation.  Zhi Nu and Niu Lang never had kids.  The Milky Way spends time with Zhi Nu, giving her all of these gifts, like naming all the stars after her, things that Niu Lang can never do for Zhi Nu.  Both the Milky Way and Zhi Nu belong in the sky, in the heavens, while Niu Lang belongs on Earth.”

Big and Bigger looked at each other, unable to find another way to make the story end better.  “You’re going to look back on this and I hope you remember it,” said Bigger, “but there really are other special girls out there.  You’re still young so you think it’s the end of the world when you lose a girl you like.”

“Transfer all of your hurt into music or lyrics.  That would make you feel better,” suggested Big.

“This could be your start when you are a music superstar,” added Bigger.

“It won’t hurt forever,” comforted Big.

Shen looked at his phone and saw the workday had just ended.  “My job is done for today.  I’m going to go home and feel my heart die slowly.   I hope alcohol will take pity on me and block the pain for just a little bit,” he said without feeling, and slowly walked out of the security room with his shoulders slumped down, his eyes can only look at the ocean blue carpet extending to the end.

“Wait,” said Big and grabbed Shen’s arm.  “Alcohol won’t solve your problem.”

“That’s right,” said Bigger, sounding optimistic.

He stopped walking.

“She doesn’t take the easy way out.  You shouldn’t either.  Work through your pain, just as she does,” said Big.

“Why bother? I can never have her.  Why try to be like her when I can never reach her? She’s a goddess, I’m a mortal.”

“You know what, we’re coming with you.  You’re not in a state of mind to make good decisions,” said Bigger.  “Let’s double team,” and Big and Bigger lifted the lifeless corpse and held it on their sides, like two people holding a surfboard, and carried him out.

“Hey! Where are you taking him?” asked CeeCee, seeing the familiar sight in the corner of her eye.

The Guys stopped immediately.  “We’re taking him back to his place.  Want to join? He plans on drinking his feelings away,” said Big.

“What happened?” she asked.

“Let’s talk when we get there,” answered Bigger.


“It’s 6:00, where is he?” JZ angrily mumbled as he paced the almost empty room.

A couple of minutes later, knock, knock, knock.  JZ opened the door and saw his hair stylist with a man and a woman.

“Hi JZ,” the stylist sang, “this is my boyfriend, Henry, and you remember Tang.”

“Of course, come in,” he hurriedly said and moved aside.

“Alright, let’s get this party-” the stylist paused and looked at the bare white walls with 10 plastic chairs and a small dining table near the kitchen.  “I thought we were doing this at your place.”

“I own this building.  Hong, search them and collect everything that can take pictures or record.  They’ll be returned to you when you leave,” JZ said seriously.

“Arms up,” Hong said, and spread her arms horizontally for them to imitate.  “Stay still, I’ll be quick,” she firmly said and patted each of them down, collecting cell phones, returning wallets and a purse.  “Sir, I’m going to have to collect those glasses,” she said to Henry.

“Why?” he asked confusedly like an authoritative figure was making a mistake.

“Those glasses look like they could record everything in this apartment,” she firmly replied.  “Please comply, they’ll be returned when you leave.”

“They’re not.  They’re just plain eyeglasses,” he replied.

“Is she serious, JZ?” the stylist asked.

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“She knows what to look for,” JZ firmly answered.  “It’s for both of our protection,” he said, referring to Elle.

“I know you’re innocent, honey.  Just give it to her,” the stylist said with frustration in his voice.  Henry removed his glasses and handed it to Hong with an attitude.

“Thank you, sir.  Please have a seat.”

“Is this everyone you brought?” JZ asked the stylist.


“Hong, order for six people.  Make sure to order something vegetarian, no MSG, no eggs, no alcohol.”

Hong took the box of confiscated belongings with her out of the room and made the call.

“Alright, let’s get this party started,” the stylist said with less enthusiasm.

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