Big and Bigger

Big and Bigger’s Back Story

Big and Bigger are mixed-race Chinese twins.  They have a Chinese mother and African-American father.  He is in China for business and ended up staying because he found the wonderful woman who is The Guys’ mother.  He is the one who taught them about not hitting girls and the meaning of being a man with a Western perspective, not plagued by the loss of a father through incarceration or early death as seen by some neighborhoods in America.

The Guys’ maternal grandparents would not accept a Black son-in-law and threatened to abandon their daughter if she married him.  She got pregnant, told her parents, was adamant on marrying him, and they went through with their threat.  She made sure to continue sending pictures of their family, especially pictures of The Guys as they grew up with all the friends they made.

When they were kids, they were not teased for having dark(er) skin, rather, they fit just right.  JZ was giving a talk at a university when he saw them demonstrate their strength by defending themselves from bullies while they were in a college coffee shop.  After that, JZ hired them as his body guards and they became friends.


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