Chapter 12: Pressure (8/8)

Sunday (8/8)

“Great, another hour on this subway with all these people remembering me,” Elle angrily said to herself as she angrily glanced at the half-filled subway car then back at her shoes.

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Chapter 12: Pressure (7/8)

Sunday (7/8)

The entire 70 minutes of Elle’s driving consisted of JZ tightly holding on to his car door’s handle and the seat.  When she parked it in the parking garage, she said in a low and tense tone, “Bring me my clothes to work tomorrow and I’ll bring yours.”  She grabbed her purse and angrily walked with her fists clenched.

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Chapter 12: Pressure (6/8)

Sunday (6/8)

They arrived at JZ’s costume makers’ office 35 minutes later.

“How are you feeling?” JZ kindly asked after parking the car.

“I need to go to the restroom and I need to drink more water,” she responded, hoping he would get the message.

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Chapter 12: Pressure (5/8)

Sunday (5/8)

They left the restaurant parking lot.  “Where are we going?” Elle asked calmly.

“We are going to get your hair done,” he replied simply.

“What’s wrong with my hair? You don’t like my hair?”

“Uh oh,” he thought and quickly said, “Nothing is wrong with your hair.  Of course I like your hair.”

“Then why are we going there?”

He took a risk.

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