Extreme 極端

Extreme 極端

Humankind’s cruelty worsens as they exploit what has value.


Paparazzi (paparazzi) 狗仔队(狗仔队)
Paparazzi (paparazzi) 狗仔队(狗仔队)
In the subway car (in subway car) 在車輛裏(車輛裏)
In the home (in the home) 在家裏(在家裏)
Questions stab (stab) 問提刀刺(刀刺)
Camera flashes electrocute 相機登電繫
On the skyscraper 在高楼上
Pushed off the skyscraper 高楼到下來
Smaller, smaller 更小更小
Quickly vanishing 真快隱滅
Pitch-black 嘿沉沉
Silence 安静
Paparazzi create and 狗仔队道致和
Distort your values 歪曲妳价值
The public’s impression is 公公的印象是
Masculine, crazy 女漢子,顛倒
Fiendish, demonic (crazy, demonic) 惡煞,邪(惡煞,邪)
They don’t know who you are 他們不知道妳是誰
You have value (value) 妳有价值(价值)
Great strength controls struggles 㔞控制奮鬥
Intelligent, hardworking, mysterious 聪明,用功,神秘
Your value is beyond me 妳价值是逾我
My ordinary eyes 我正常眼睛
Are not worthy to glance at you 不配轉眼妳
[You are fully deserving of a mate] [妳當之無愧伴侣]
[That just is not me] [那就不是我]
[You deserve everything] [都什麽妳值的]
[He can rescue you from danger] [他能力救出妳]
[He can love and protect you] [他能力爱護妳]
[He is victorious (victorious)] [他獲賸(他獲賸)]
I do not deserve you 我不配称妳

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