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Old camera. Smile!
This is an image of an antique birdcage clock in a museum in the Forbidden City, Beijing, China. It appears to begold or bronze in color. The overall shape is a rounded rectangle; the apex of the cage has a rounded-trapezoid, closed cylinder about an inch in height, and on top of that is a short point. The top portion of the cage is slightly decorated with a single strand of gold or iron around the cage, similar to an umbrella, where there is are points that connect the fabric of the umbrella, and there are arches in between those points to connect the umbrella as a whole. In the center circumference is a similar strand, but slightly thicker. The points (as referred to earlier) is now decorated with small birds standing on a tiny circular platform with tiny ridges. These birds are made of the same material as the cage. Below those birds, the vertical bars are decorated with textured circles, like if polka dots were 3-D. These bars are also thicker than the ones above them. Finally, at the bottom, there is an octagonal shape. There are 4 wide sides like a square, and between them are shorter edges about 1/4 to 1/5 shorter than the sides mentioned earlier. These 4 edges connect to the 4 main sides. The octagon is decorated with another intricate design, possibly olive branches in a sine-cosine pattern. The clock is circular at the center of the front. There are 8 short legs below the cage, a pair under each of the shorter edges.
Antique Birdcage Clock in Forbidden City, Beijing, China