One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award

Hi there everyone!

I am glad to finally get around to announce that I have been nominated for the “One Lovely Blog” Award.  I would like to thank the super awesome, Ritu ( for nominating me!

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Chapter 10: Cage (2/6)

Chapter 10: Cage (2/6)

JZ returned to the common area after lunch looking for Elle and her song.  She filled in the last few notes for an instrument and looked up.

“Right on time,” she calmly said to herself.

“Let me help you take the music sheets to the music room,” he insisted.

“It’s only some music sheets.  I don’t need help,” she said a little suspicious of him.

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Chapter 10: Cage (1/6)

Chapter 10: Cage (1/6)

New Guy and CeeCee were in the silver building’s lobby talking quietly.

“I think you should ask her what her style is or ask for her ideal party dress,” said CeeCee.

Me? I don’t have style, remember? I don’t know about these things.  How am I supposed to hold a conversation? You also speak English.”

“If I ask her, she’ll think I’m prying into her life.  She and I might not be friends after this.”

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Chapter 9: Search (2/2)

CeeCee was still throwing dresses and New Guy was opting out of interfering with CeeCee’s method of searching for the right dress for Elle.  He chose the opportune time to speak to CeeCee when she was done with one store and going to the next one.  He finally got this great idea …

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Chapter 9: Search (1/2)

The next morning, Elle rode the subway with the pillow placed on top of the neatly folded blanket she washed yesterday.  Today was a bit cooler than yesterday so she arrived at work with less perspiration in her peony pink blouse with sleeves to her elbows and denim short shorts.

“Morning,” Elle said in her natural, calm voice to the receptionist.  “Is JZ here?”

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Chapter 8: Know-Not

Elle woke up at 5am.  She went to the restroom to rinse her mouth, wash her face and arms, and ran her fingers through her hair.  Since no one was at work yet, it was a good time to leave before anyone saw her.  She took her purse, wrapped herself with JZ’s blanket, and used his pillow to …

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Tags Finally Work!

Hi everyone,

Just updated my posts for tagging.  For now, only some will actually give you better results, such as “Paparazzi” and “Fans,” will give you more than 1 result.  Yay! For others, you will have to wait for future posts.

How my tags will work:

  1. Click on tag
  2. Results of post(s)
  3. Click on post title or “Continue reading”
  4. Click on link to chapter

I think searching (in the search bar) will give you better results because the results will take you to the pages themselves.  Tags do have their uses.  Chapters with “Vegetarian Dish” or “Meat Dish” tags will be included for those of you interested in all the food that will be involved.

Stay hungry,

Leanne Lieu

P.S. Achievement unlocked.