Three Goals for EACh

Three goals for EACh and how to accomplish them:

  • Spread my name/novel/brand more:
    • Gain more followers on WP
      • [Update 7/24/15] Check!
    • Social media
      • Already have Google+ account but want more followers
      • [Update 7/23/15] Created a Facebook page and received 1 “Like”!
  • Gain 5 followers by the end of this course [Update 7/24/15] Check!
    • Participate more in Blogging 201 The Commons
      • [Update 7/19/15 – 7/23/15] Check!
    • Participate in Community Pool
      • [Update 7/20/15] Check!
  • Get more people to read and comment on EACh

Just because I reached a lot of my short-term goals, doesn’t mean I’m done.  I will continue to work hard, help, and network to get more readers and meaningful comments.