Watchful Eyes…and Signals

I was about to copy and paste this great article and a picture from KXNews (owned by CBS), but luckily, I was coming from the bottom and I saw this italicized:

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So I’ll tell you what I know instead. Continue reading Watchful Eyes…and Signals

REJECTION. But Thanks for Applying ;)

Asian Americans file complaint alleging discrimination in Harvard admissions

Unless you are related the application or admissions process for a college or university (for example, a family member may be applying to a university), it would not cross your mind about who gets accepted or rejected.  Harvard’s discriminatory admissions process has been noticed and felt by Asian American communities, so much so that they are raising their voices and putting them in writing.   Continue reading REJECTION. But Thanks for Applying 😉

CA Court Overrules 125-Year-Old Decision

State Supreme Court Overrules Unspeakably Racist Decision That Stood For 125 Years

People too often associate racism in America with Whites against Blacks, and Whites against Latinos/as, but it is rarely noticeable when it is Whites against Asians.  I hope this article can further educate or remind you that racism against Asians existed in America (seen through their laws and social actions), what Chinese people have done for the U.S., and their struggles in the foreign land.  Education is also one of the most important things that Asians emphasize but every other minority group also prize and pry from the White man’s hands.

I copied and pasted this article from  Link to the source can be found at the bottom of the article.

Picture of Hong Yen Chang copied and pasted from Wikipedia
Hong Yen Chang. From Wikipedia.

 “POSTED ON MARCH 18, 2015

The California Supreme Court’s opinion in In re Hong Yen Chang on Admission is less than nine pages long, and its first line offers little hint of the brutal and callous racism the opinion seeks to remedy. “We grant Hong Yen Chang posthumous admission as an attorney and counselor at law in all courts of the state of California,” the opinion announces, before describing a legacy of state-sponsored bigotry that rivals Jim Crow. Continue reading CA Court Overrules 125-Year-Old Decision