GM Examined for Anti-Trust in China

China isn’t coincidentally looking at the U.S.’s largest automaker because of a certain someone trying to destroy the current One-China Policy.  Other big American brands that have broken through China’s gates aren’t on the chopping block.

From Bloomberg.

GM China Venture Said to Be Under Government Anti-Trust Probe

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Chapter 4: Clarity (2/10)

Thursday (2/10)

Bad publicity and distractions.

“Hey! Hey!” enthusiastically said three guys around JZ’s age, each dressed in basketball jerseys, shorts, and sneakers.  “Whoa! You got a ho and didn’t share?” said the tall one wearing a red armband.

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Chapter 4: Clarity (1/10)

Thursday (1/10)

Experience and carelessness speak volumes.

Jing was serving a table when he saw JZ carrying what looked like Elle in his arms, but she was not wearing what he had seen her in before.

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