Chapter 2: Overdrive (1/8)

Tuesday (1/8)

Look at both sides of the coin.

JZ opened his eyes to the curtain not shielding sunlight from his eyes.  He looked down on the floor beside him.  The girl with long brown hair, wearing his navy blue dress shirt and black basketball shorts was missing from her spot. Continue reading Chapter 2: Overdrive (1/8)

Chapter 12: Pressure (3/8)

Sunday (3/8)

JZ was carrying Elle on his back when they walked up the stairs to his costume makers’ office.  Elle was surprised to hear an Englishman’s voice.  She whispered, “Is there a British person in there?” He looked at her and nodded.

He knocked.  “Come in!” a female voice said in Mandarin.

They entered the extremely messy “office.”  “Hey!” everyone said cheerfully.  JZ let Elle down and closed the door.  “What happened to your face?” asked with surprise by the tall and slender Chinese woman.

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