Chapter 11: Hand (1/5)

Saturday (1/5)

“What is this soft, smooth, and cool feeling my skin is touching? It’s so thin, and airy, and cool,” Elle thought to herself, awake with her eyes closed.  She was rubbing her hands, arms, and legs around, like she was making a snow angel, to feel the fabric.  Then she held a handful of the fabric and gently rubbed it against her face and smiled.  She opened her eyes and realized that she was on a bed with silk sheets.  She did not see anyone lying next to her.  Then she turned the other way and saw that JZ was in a chair watching her.  Her cheeks grew red.

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Last Train Home

Lunar New Year

In the spirit of Lunar New Year, I would like to tell you a few different (interesting to me) things about the Lunar New Year that most sites and people do not tell you or you do not get the whole story.  Why repeat the same old stuff, right?  On the Gregorian calendar for 2015, Lunar New Year lands on Feb. 18.  On the lunar calendar, I don’t know what year it will be, but I know it’s a lot more than 2015.   Continue reading Last Train Home