Chapter 4: Clarity (7/10)

Thursday (7/10)

Secret plans.  Again with the kid.

“Hey Jing, how old is your grandma?” JZ casually asked after placing his order.

“She’s 97, Mr. JZ,” he answered, hiding his curiosity. Continue reading Chapter 4: Clarity (7/10)


Chapter 4: Clarity (6/10)

Thursday (6/10)

Some lessons for men.

“She said JZ was back, so you guys better go back to work,” said CeeCee.  “You wouldn’t want him to think we’re conspiring against him.” Continue reading Chapter 4: Clarity (6/10)

Chapter 1: Repair (1/2) Preview

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come.

She looked at him tiredly and began to talk but he interrupted, “Are you sleeping with him because you can’t pay your rent?” JZ saw her face instantly change from tired to furious and she punched him with all her strength aiming his jaw.  He did not expect it and rubbed his injury with anger on his face.

Chapter 12: Pressure (8/8)

Sunday (8/8)

“Great, another hour on this subway with all these people remembering me,” Elle angrily said to herself as she angrily glanced at the half-filled subway car then back at her shoes.

“Who does he think he is predicting a thing like that?” she angrily Continue reading Chapter 12: Pressure (8/8)

Chapter 12: Pressure (1/8)

Sunday (1/8)

“The sun is up,” Elle thought to herself, opening and shutting her eyes at the sun shining through the thin dark gray curtains.  “What’s so warm on my back but my legs are so cool?” she asked herself.  She lifted her head up and saw that she was arching over JZ’s chest.  “At least his shirt is

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Chapter 11: Hand (5/5)

Saturday (5/5)

“It’s not the ideal moment, but I still want you to meet them,” he answered with an awkward smile.  JZ felt a poke on his back and he turned around.  “Mom, dad,” he said as he led them a step closer to view Elle, “let me introduce you to Elle.  She’s my newest songwriter, and before that, she was a published poet.  Soon, she’ll be returning to teach English to first graders.  Elle, this is my mom, Mrs. Li.  This is my dad, Mr. Zhong.”

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