Chapter 3: Uncover (2/9)

Wednesday (2/9)

 Say more, greater chance of saying the wrong thing.

“Put those boxes over there,” Elle ordered and pointed at the window under her music notes.  Continue reading Chapter 3: Uncover (2/9)


Chapter 2: Overdrive (7/8)

Tuesday (7/8)

What are you willing to bet?

As they were walking toward the cafeteria, JZ said with a slight curve on the corner of his mouth, “Do you think she would be better as a pet or a robot?” Continue reading Chapter 2: Overdrive (7/8)

Chapter 12: Pressure (4/8)

Sunday (4/8)

“Where are you taking me?” Elle asked curiously.

“Just wait,” JZ replied simply with a slight smile.

“You’ve been driving for 10 minutes.  What secret do you have?” she asked curiously.

“We’re almost there,” he simply said with a slightly bigger smile.

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Chapter 11: Hand (3/5)

Saturday (3/5)

He slowly walked out of the store with Elle on his back, her eyes moistening his shirt.  He got into the lobby of the silver building, stepped into the elevator to get to his suite on the 36th floor.  He entered his suite and placed her gently on the couch.  She put her feet on the couch, and did not care how rude she was.  He sat beside her and held her hand.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on his door.  He did not answer the door and the visitor did not try again.  When she stopped crying, he went toward the TV and slid the wall open.

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Chapter 9: Search (1/2)

The next morning, Elle rode the subway with the pillow placed on top of the neatly folded blanket she washed yesterday.  Today was a bit cooler than yesterday so she arrived at work with less perspiration in her peony pink blouse with sleeves to her elbows and denim short shorts.

“Morning,” Elle said in her natural, calm voice to the receptionist.  “Is JZ here?”

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Chapter 6: Restart

Chapter 6: Restart (1/2)

Walking several blocks to the subway station, riding the subway, and then walked another few blocks to arrive at the studio was a three-hour long commute each way from home to work in the sweltering heat and high humidity for Elle….

What else you'll find:


Bend grass


Bend people

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Chapter 6: Restart (2/2)

Elle returned to Buzzy’s workroom with a red nose and puffy eyes.

“What happened?” Buzzy asked, concerned.

To CeeCee, “I cut the tour short,” she quietly said.

CeeCee translated.

“But you were gone for more than an hour,” he asked, a little frustrated at the absurd answer she gave him.

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