Chapter 10: Cage (5/6)

Chapter 10: Cage (5/6)

JZ had a small smile on his face.  “Really?” he asked curiously.

CeeCee looked very uncomfortable, like she was afraid Elle was going to attack her.  She tried to keep her voice steady when she continued, “Yeah, she listened to your music every day, watched all your music videos, and watched you in concert.”

“Really?” he asked more curiously with a smile forming as he glanced in the rearview mirror at the angry person behind him.

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Chapter 9: Search (2/2)

CeeCee was still throwing dresses and New Guy was opting out of interfering with CeeCee’s method of searching for the right dress for Elle.  He chose the opportune time to speak to CeeCee when she was done with one store and going to the next one.  He finally got this great idea …

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Chapter 6: Restart

Chapter 6: Restart (1/2)

Walking several blocks to the subway station, riding the subway, and then walked another few blocks to arrive at the studio was a three-hour long commute each way from home to work in the sweltering heat and high humidity for Elle….

What else you'll find:


Bend grass


Bend people

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Chapter 6: Restart (2/2)

Elle returned to Buzzy’s workroom with a red nose and puffy eyes.

“What happened?” Buzzy asked, concerned.

To CeeCee, “I cut the tour short,” she quietly said.

CeeCee translated.

“But you were gone for more than an hour,” he asked, a little frustrated at the absurd answer she gave him.

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