Why did JZ choose to have Elle turn into a zebra instead of a tiger? In Chinese culture, people, especially women, born in the year of the tiger are notoriously not-marriage material.

Yin Yang symbol
Yin Yang symbol
  • Tigers are dominant and have a lot of power.
  • The ideal Chinese woman is submissive.
  • Under the yin yang principle, yin is the dark part and yang is the light part.  Yin is dark, negative, and feminine, while yang is light, positive, and masculine.  In the yin, there’s a little bit of yang, and in the yang, there’s a little bit of yin.  Each side gets balanced out with their counterpart.

Combine these 3 points and when a woman is born in the year of the tiger, she is dominant, which will conflict with her husband, who is born dominant.  With JZ professing his feelings and proposing, I couldn’t turn Elle into a super cool tiger.

Chinese pop culture likes western things, so I thought I’d throw in a zebra, despite it being from Africa.  Horses can be trained, but zebras cannot.