Chapter 3: Uncover (3/9)

Wednesday (3/9)

The desert is blessed with rain

Back in the studio, CeeCee was having a pep talk with New Guy.  “Listen to me,” said CeeCee, “we worked hard on this.  You worked the hardest so you should give it to her.” Continue reading Chapter 3: Uncover (3/9)

Chapter 12: Pressure (6/8)

Sunday (6/8)

They arrived at JZ’s costume makers’ office 35 minutes later.

“How are you feeling?” JZ kindly asked after parking the car.

“I need to go to the restroom and I need to drink more water,” she responded, hoping he would get the message.

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Chapter 10: Cage (4/6)

Chapter 10: Cage (4/6)

Back at the hospital, JZ was still on the bed almost falling asleep himself, until he felt Elle move and saw her eyes slowly open.  She gently rubbed the hand that was still cupping the side of her face, then looked up at the man the hand belonged to.  He was smiling down at her and she was smiling back.

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