Chapter 12: Pressure (2/8)

 Sunday (2/8)

“Where’s my phone?” he asked casually.

She shrugged.  He looked at Elle’s simple, normal face and went over and kissed the top of her head.  They searched for the phone all over the human-covered suite

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Chapter 11: Hand (5/5)

Saturday (5/5)

“It’s not the ideal moment, but I still want you to meet them,” he answered with an awkward smile.  JZ felt a poke on his back and he turned around.  “Mom, dad,” he said as he led them a step closer to view Elle, “let me introduce you to Elle.  She’s my newest songwriter, and before that, she was a published poet.  Soon, she’ll be returning to teach English to first graders.  Elle, this is my mom, Mrs. Li.  This is my dad, Mr. Zhong.”

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