Chapter 4: Clarity (10/10)

Thursday (10/10)

The truth hurts sometimes.

After the very silent and speedy car ride to the concert, JZ carried the still handcuffed Elle backstage.

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Chapter 3: Uncover (9/9)

Wednesday (9/9)

What's inside and outside are not the same.

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Chapter 10: Cage (3/6)

Chapter 10: Cage (3/6)

“ELLE! ELLE! ELLE! WAKE UP!” JZ yelled as he frantically shook her body.

She did not wake up.

“ELLE! ELLE! ELLE! WAKE UP!” he yelled again, frantically shaking her body.

She did not wake up.

People gathered closer to see what happened to her and if she would wake up.

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Chapter 10: Cage (2/6)

Chapter 10: Cage (2/6)

JZ returned to the common area after lunch looking for Elle and her song.  She filled in the last few notes for an instrument and looked up.

“Right on time,” she calmly said to herself.

“Let me help you take the music sheets to the music room,” he insisted.

“It’s only some music sheets.  I don’t need help,” she said a little suspicious of him.

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