Chapter 4: Clarity (10/10)

Thursday (10/10)

The truth hurts sometimes.

After the very silent and speedy car ride to the concert, JZ carried the still handcuffed Elle backstage.

“WHOA!!” Continue reading Chapter 4: Clarity (10/10)


Chapter 4: Clarity (9/10)

Thursday (9/10)


“I overheard the girls and JZ talking and he’s no longer single,” Continue reading Chapter 4: Clarity (9/10)

Chapter 4: Clarity (7/10)

Thursday (7/10)

Secret plans.  Again with the kid.

“Hey Jing, how old is your grandma?” JZ casually asked after placing his order.

“She’s 97, Mr. JZ,” he answered, hiding his curiosity. Continue reading Chapter 4: Clarity (7/10)