Chapter 12: Pressure (6/8)

Sunday (6/8)

They arrived at JZ’s costume makers’ office 35 minutes later.

“How are you feeling?” JZ kindly asked after parking the car.

“I need to go to the restroom and I need to drink more water,” she responded, hoping he would get the message.

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Chapter 12: Pressure (3/8)

Sunday (3/8)

JZ was carrying Elle on his back when they walked up the stairs to his costume makers’ office.  Elle was surprised to hear an Englishman’s voice.  She whispered, “Is there a British person in there?” He looked at her and nodded.

He knocked.  “Come in!” a female voice said in Mandarin.

They entered the extremely messy “office.”  “Hey!” everyone said cheerfully.  JZ let Elle down and closed the door.  “What happened to your face?” asked with surprise by the tall and slender Chinese woman.

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Chapter 7: Statements

Tuesday.  Elle arrived to work wet, yet again.  In a lavender blouse with short sleeves and denim short shorts, she went to Buzzy’s workroom to find New Guy.

“Morning Buzzy,” she said calmly.

“Morning,” he replied without looking at her.

“Morning CeeCee.”


“I don’t think I’ll need you too much today, so when I need you I’ll find you, ok?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Morning New Guy.”


“Come with me for a moment.”

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